COMM 344: Portfolio (Fall 2019)


Create a campaign for Purell. 
Art Director: Emily Robertson
Copywriter: Hallie Williams

Single Most Important Thing to Say

You can touch anything when you use Purell. 

Campaign Direction

We seem to be afraid of germs when in reality, they should really be afraid of us.  One pump of Purell will leave them begging you for mercy.  It's your world. The germs are just living in it... and not for long, either.

Experiential Installment

Tourists love the bean, but realizing how many people have touched it prior can be unnerving. By using Purell at the hand sanitizer stations and touching the famous Cloud Gate statue, people will see the germs disappear and dissolve before their very eyes.  

Print Ads

By using a free sample of Purell and touching the chemical-response paper, magazine readers will get to watch germs disappear. 

Before Purell is used and interacts with the paper. 

Once Purell is used on the hands, the chemicals interact with the germ film on the paper to make the germs disappear.

The user continues to touch the paper to reveal a message. 

Out-of-Home Train Station Takeover

By using a pump of Purell, germs will literally clear the area-- automatically opening the entry gate and granting commuters access to a free train ride. If you don't even have to touch a ticket or the gate, your hands will stay 99.9% clean for longer.

Out-of-Home Bus Station Ad

An interactive screen will give bored transit riders the chance to sanitize their hands and prove their dominance to the petri dish of public transportation.  By touching the screen after using Purell, they'll repel any germs in their path.

© 2018 by Emily Robertson.