"Outlines of Chicago" is a website I created meant to highlight the stories of those experiencing homelessness on Chicago's vibrant streets and give their "outlines" a voice. The purpose of this project is to shatter the idea that homeless people are a type of "sub human" - when in reality, they have wants, dreams, fears, feelings, and stories just like everyone else no matter their

socio-economic status. 

The purpose of this project was to give students the opportunity to conceive and create a new product so they can gain a deeper understanding of the creative process, branding, positioning, package design, business strategy, and social media content. I created Lady Business. 

In my photography class, my final project could be about anything. Through Period., I chose to highlight the graphic and relatable aspects of periods that the media, advertising industry, and society tries to hide. The beauty of periods comes from its realness - they’re messy and raw, yet necessary for human life.

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