When my photography professor said our final project could be about anything, I used the opportunity to showcase something I'm passionate about that affects millions. As a woman who experiences prolonged periods and abnormal amounts of bleeding, periods have become a part of me. Menstruation affects roughly 50% of the world’s population, yet it's still stigmatized and looked down upon. For centuries, society has placed a taboo on menstruation, which disempowers those experiencing it. When we start a conversation about periods, we start a conversation for change. 


Period., seeks to highlight the graphic and relatable aspects of periods that the media, advertising industry, and society as a whole tries to hide. The beauty of periods comes from its realness - they’re messy and raw, yet necessary for human life.

*I directed, photographed, and edited the photos. I recruited friends who were currently menstruating to be models. 

© 2018 by Emily Robertson.