COMM 344: Portfolio (Fall 2019)


Create a campaign for Purell. 
Art Director: Emily Robertson
Copywriter: Allison Smith

Campaign Direction

Outward Bound is about survival and endurance in outdoor adventures. But not everyone can handle it. Can you?


This out-of-home installment also acts as an experience. The mountain itself is 3D and would allow people the challenge to "climb the mountain" to show them how strong they are, mentally and physically. If they can endure the climb, then they should consider Outward Bound for their next dose of outdoor adrenaline.  (Of course, there would be trained Outward Bound employees to help facilitate the great climb).  

Virtual Reality

By engaging in an Outward Bound virtual reality experience, users will immerse themselves in adrenaline pumping solo and multi-player outdoor challenges and obstacles. 

Train Car Takeover

Outward Bound will take over one car on each train. Commuters and travelers can enter if they dare and are feeling up to a challenge. Once they enter the train, they're immersed into a cave-like adventure that's completely unrecognizable from a train. Inside, an Outward Bound employee will facilitate mini challenges from stop to stop. 

Experiential Event

Individuals can get a taste for Outward Bound through it's one-day, obstacle course-filled expeditions in cities across the U.S. to see if they have what it takes to survive a full-fledged Outward Bound adventure. For the below example, expeditioners would arrive to the event site, not knowing what to expect. In a team with strangers, they'd be tasked with creating a raft with the natural resources around them and canoeing 15 miles down the lake with the map provided. Once they reach the other side of the lake, they must create a fire and hunt and gather their dinner. 

Event Flyer



Print Ads

Through riddles based on outdoor survival knowledge and tools, viewers test their knowledge to see if they're ready for Outward Bound. 

© 2018 by Emily Robertson.