Create a 3-month Integrated Marketing Communications plan rooted in updating or reinventing Revolution Craft Show in order to grow in the future. 
The Revolution Craft Show exists to provide a welcoming and affordable event for new and seasoned artists. Each show is carefully curated to provide a wide variety of unique, high quality and handmade work.
The show is currently held three times per year at the Revolution Brewing Taproom. Forty-five vendors are selected for each show out of 120-150 applications.


Original Target: 

The original target market includes women, ages 25-45, who live in the Chicago area, particularly Logan Square, Avondale, Lincoln Park and other neighborhoods near the taproom. Attendees must be 21 given the original location. Ideally, messaging developed in this project should avoid gendered stereotypes and appeal to all Chicago consumers interested in local art.


Craft and art shows bring locals and artists together. However, there are many
negative stereotypes associated with crafting and craft shows. Many believe that
craft shows are associated with older, introverted women who knit all day.


Millennials crave experiences that are worth their while. 


We knew that in order to attract a younger, hip audience, we needed Revolution Craft
Show to stay clear of these stereotypes. That’s why we rebranded Revolution
Craft Show and turned it into Revo: The Maker’s Fair. It’s no longer just a “craft
show.” It’s a gathering place where community members come together over local,
handmade goods, food, and live music. We’re changing the stereotypes of what a
“craft show” is by showing that it’s not just for elderly women that knit all day - Revo
is an authentic, fun social experience.


Rebranding Guidelines


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