I'm an insight driven, aspiring strategist who not only loves design, but geeks out over consumer insights and data. I'm a senior Advertising Creative and Marketing student at Loyola University Chicago and am the Firm Director at Inigo Communications, Chicago's first and only student-run communications agency. I'm interested in what makes people tick - I get way too excited about the human truths and data behind campaigns and creative pieces.


Not only am I an advertising and marketing nerd, but I also love everything about periods. That's right, menstruation. I've spent over two years researching user-generated and brand-generated content on Instagram from period related hashtags. Currently I'm conducting a qualitative and quantitative analysis of over 100 tampon commercials and print advertisements since the 1930s to identify how they maintain or challenge period taboo. Why? Because I believe that consumer behavior influenced by advertising and marketing impacts society and social norms in some big ways, for better or worse. (Side note: can we get rid of the blue gel already in period commercials? Geez.)


Advertising and marketing goes beyond just selling a brand or product. It tells a story. It sells a lifestyle.  And if done effectively and powerfully, it can create its own human truths. These human truths fuel my desire to continuously learn about the world and how advertising influences us. I'm ready to be a part of a great team who recognizes the importance of connection and humanity in communications. I'm ready to learn, and I'm ready to do.

Outside of advertising, I'm passionate about the outdoors and am always going after my next adventure. I've been sailing ever since I could fit into a life jacket, snowboarding since I was 10, and have gotten into solo traveling while in college. This pas summer, I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona by myself and took a sunrise hot-air balloon ride with a bunch of strangers, went horseback riding in the desert with some 'real' cowboys and cowgirls, and hiked Camelback Mountain. 

I'm ready for my next adventure. 


Personal interests: sailing, kayaking, snowboarding, people watching on the train, and running food themed 5Ks just for the food

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